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September 13, 2016
GHG Phase 2: Weighing the Devil in the Details
Agencies contend the program will provide $230 billion in net benefits to society, including benefits to our climate and the public health of Americans but the trucking industry must still deal with those costs, as well as ones the agencies might not have taken into account.
Diesel Prices Stay Mostly Flat for Third Week Straight
The price of diesel fuel dropped less than a cent last week and has remained relatively unchanged for the past three weeks, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Department.

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4 Tips for Passing Roadside Inspections

Passing roadside inspections can be difficult and stressful for drivers. Download this ebook to find out how GPS vehicle tracking can help better prepare your drivers for their next roadside inspection.

ATA Names Rusty Duckworth CFO
American Trucking Associations has promoted Rusty Duckworth to chief financial officer, adding to the new leadership team being assembled by new ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.
Trucking Industry Kicks off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
<p><em>Photo: Nussbaum</em></p> This week, American Trucking Associations kicked off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and many companies within the trucking industry and serving it are recognizing drivers for hard work and dedication.
CRST Buys Gardner Trucking In Company’s Largest Acquisition
CRST International has purchased the privately held, Calif.-based Gardner Trucking in the largest acquisition in CRST’s history.
Trailer Aerodynamics Not Overly Popular, Study Shows
<p><strong>Trailer aerodynamic devices have caught on, but it apparently took the California ARB rules to force most fleets to begin&nbsp;adopting&nbsp;them. </strong><em>Photo: Tom Berg</em></p> It appears that it took a government decree to push operators into it, and it will take another set of rules to force further adoption of drag-reduction methods for trailers.
Omnitracs Tool Identifies Drivers Most Likely To Leave
<p><em>Graph via&nbsp;Omnitracs</em></p> Omnitracs says its new ELD Driver Retention Model can analyze the data provided by electronic logs to help predict which truck drivers are most likely to quit, helping fleets pinpoint retention efforts.
Progressive Partners with 'Fittest Trucker in America'
<p><em>Photo of&nbsp;<span class="xn-person">Siphiwe Baleka</span>, the "fittest truck driver in America, courtesy of Baleka.</em></p> Through a newly formed partnership with Siphiwe Baleka, the "fittest truck driver in America," and healthy living tips and tricks on Progressive's TruckerTerritory.com, Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance is expanding its commitment to truckers in the third year of its wellness initiative.
Geotab, J.J. Keller Partner on Telematics, ELD Solution
<p><em>Cawse<br /></em></p> Geotab and J.J. Keller & Associates are teaming up to offer a solution combining Geotab telematics and J.J. Keller’s electronic logs.
Doonan Offers Specialized Option for Heavy-Haul Coil Transport
Doonan's Series 2 V-channel trough flatbed coil haul trailer for special loading applications where coils cannot be transferred into and from a recessed trailer well, but still require safe securement on the flatbed.
Got Questions
Q. I already have an APU. What do I need an inverter for?

A. An APU’s primary function is to take care of a truck’s heating and cooling systems. It has its own motor that charges the truck batteries and provides power for AC electronics. READ MORE

Got Questions
Q. Is it possible for a fleet to set up two accounts for the same driver reflecting both exempt and regular status?

A. No, the ELD rule clearly prohibits having multiple accounts for one driver. Instead... READ MORE


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A Big Rig Ain't Diddly Compared To a Train

Motor vehicles are routinely torn apart by freight and passenger trains because drivers aren’t paying attention to what they're doing, or think they can beat that train to a grade crossing.

Getting Guidance on Electric Trucks

The first-ever Guidance Report issued by NACFE seeks to clear the air on both the myths and realities of battery electric vehicles in fleet operations today and in the near future. Blog commentary by Jack Roberts.

Future Tech Gets Trashed

The trucking segment arguably leading the way forward in terms of new technology and alternative fuels is one that would surprise most casual observers of today's trucking industry. Blog commentary by Jack Roberts, Senior Editor.

Ryder showed off this Chanje battery-electric cargo van, which it has begun offering to rental customers in California.
National Private Truck Council Meeting in Photos

Shell Lubricants Eco-marathon Competition
Freightliner's 122SD with a dump box. Shown is a typical Ontario configuration with an 88,000-lb GVW.
Truck World 2018 in Photos
With 2,595 pieces, including a very special replica of the Mack Bulldog hood ornament, it&rsquo;s the fifth-largest Lego Technic set. Photo: Mack Trucks
Building a 2,600-Lego Mack Anthem [Photos]
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