Shortage in Desirable Used Trucks Drives Up Prices
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Week of January 26, 2015
Top 5 News
1. Truck Dealer of the Year Named
Scott McCandless of McCandless Truck Center was named the 2015 Truck Dealer of the Year Friday during the 52nd Annual American Truck Dealers Convention in San Francisco.
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2. Shortage in Desirable Used Trucks Drives Up Prices
While demand for used trucks is high, the supply is not keeping up, causing a decline in used truck sales from traditional retailers, but an increase in sales overall.
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3. Study: Clean Diesel Exhaust Safe for Animal Lungs, Probably Humans
Modern diesels burn so cleanly that laboratory rats suffered no lung illnesses during a lengthy study of their exposure to exhaust gases, according to the Health Effects Institute, which is releasing a report today.
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4. New Enrollment Requirements for TWIC Applicants
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration announced some changes to the Transportation Worker Identification Credential card program, used by truckers and other transportation workers to access the nation’s maritime ports.
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5. Jury Rules Against Old Dominion in EEOC Lawsuit
A federal jury earlier this month found that the trucking company Old Dominion Freight Line violated federal disability discrimination law when it denied accommodation to -- and then fired -- a truck driver who self-reported alcohol abuse, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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Top 5 Articles
1. Do Sign-On Bonuses Work?
"In the second half of 2010, we had zero companies offering sign-on bonuses. We've gone from zero to nearly 50 percent of the companies offering some sort of sign-on bonus or transition pay."
view more | Jan 2015 |
2. Why Kenworth’s T880 Won the ATD Truck of the Year
Senior Editor Tom Berg explains how he and the other judges picked Kenworth's T880 vocational truck as the ATD's 2015 Commercial Truck of the Year.
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3. Diesel Particulate Filters: Blessing and Curse
Diesel particulate filters help cleanse exhaust and give us cleaner air to breathe, but they cause frequent grief and expense.
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4. A Safer Way to Clear Snow and Ice From Van Trailers
Although laws in several states require owners to clean off the roofs before the vehicles head for the road, that’s easier decreed than done.
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5. 9 Tips for Better Trailer Maintenance
Don’t treat your trailers as an afterthought. Give them the attention they deserve by inspecting and maintaining them on a regular basis.
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