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Week of July 25, 2016
Top 5 News
1. Cummins: New X15 Engine Offers High Performance, Economy, Reliability
Cummins officials say their next-generation X15 heavy-duty diesel series will offer new value through economy, performance, reliability and support when it replaces existing ISX15 models in January 2017. A year later, a new X12 will supersede the current ISX12.
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2. Earnings Watch: Werner, Swift Profits Fall; Forward Air Reports Loss
Profits for two trucking companies turned lower in the second quarter of the year while a third moved into the red, according to newly released earnings reports.
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3. Tread Depth Violations Highlight Tire-Focused Roadcheck
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual Roadcheck inspection blitz this year focused on tires, and an analysis of inspection data shows that tread depth was by far the most common violation cited.
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4. Economic Watch: Manufacturing, Leading Indicators Spark Optimism
A new preliminary report shows U.S. manufacturing rising this month at its fastest pace since November 2015, following a post-Great-Recession low in May – "an encouraging sign of revival," says financial information services provider Markit.
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5. Tesla's Master Plan Includes Commercial Trucks
Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk plans to build a battery-electric pickup truck, heavy-duty truck, and a bus that would turn the driver into a "fleet manager," according to his Master Plan, Part Deux.
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Top 5 Articles
1. Driver Retention Begins With Recruiting
You want to develop a satisfied workforce of drivers who view their employer as a committed partner rather than the highest bidder at the moment. It’s not easy. It requires not just the efforts of the recruiting department, but the engagement of top management.
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2. Commentary: Autonomous by Retrofit
A $30,000 self-driving kit available as an aftermarket retrofit for existing trucks... strikes me as something pretty remarkable.
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3. Cummins ISX15, Still Growing and Evolving After 18 Years of Service [Video]
As engine platforms go, Cummins' ISX has to be considered slightly remarkable. It survived the transition to EGR and then to SCR aftertreatment -- while several other engines did not -- and it's still very much alive and kicking today.
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4. Q&A: Eaton's Kartch Talks About Growing Importance of the Aftermarket
Amy Kartch, director of North America Vehicle Group Aftermarket for Eaton, shared her thoughts on the major issues facing the aftermarket, what Eaton is doing to help overcome those challenges, and what she sees for the future.
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5. Why You Should Consider Advanced Safety Systems
With all of the advancements in the past 5-10 years, there is a strong case, both financially and in terms of sheer practicality, for fleets to evaluate and spec advanced safety systems on their trucks today.
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