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Week of June 29, 2015
Top 5 News
1. FMCSA Proposes Changes to CSA
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Monday unveiled proposed changes to its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, including changing some intervention thresholds to better reflect crash risk.
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2. Senate Advances Pro-Trucking Measures
Before heading out the door on June 26 for an 11-day Congressional recess, the Republican majority in the Senate flexed its political muscle to move forward an array of legislative efforts widely favored if not outright lobbied for by trucking stakeholders.
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3. Trailers Meeting Phase 2 Fuel-GHG Regs Already Out There
Aerodynamic fairings, low-rolling-resistance tires and automatic tire-inflation systems will allow manufacturers to meet the regulations,
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4. Bill Would Address Minimum Driver Age
A Senate bill would create a pilot program to study allowing younger CDL holders to operate across state lines.
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5. ATA on CSA Proposal: Move to 'Risk-Based' Enforcement
Proposed changes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability system are a good start, but American Trucking Associations says there's much more to be done.
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Top 5 Articles
1. When the Road Meets the Rubber
Irregular or accelerated tire wear is annoying and expensive, but there's something else eating away at your expensive assets: the pavement itself.
view more | Jun 2015 |
2. Breaking the 11 MPG Barrier
For Michael Niss, reaching 11 mpg is not just a dream. It is quickly becoming a reality through his project company, Breaking 11.
view more | Jun 2015 |
3. Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean
If you don’t take steps to keep diesel fuel clean, it can degrade your fuel economy, damage expensive fuel system components and cause downtime. That’s never been more important than today.
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4. How Targeting Inefficient Fleets Leads to Big Gains
Q&A with Fleet Technology Expo's opening keynote speaker Ian Wright. He's one of the founders of Tesla Motors but these days he is setting aside luxury electric cars to tackle a much larger problem: How to make medium-duty trucks more efficient.
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5. Maintaining S-Cam Foundation Brakes
S-cam drum brakes are a familiar sight to every wheel-end technician in the North American trucking industry. These preventive maintenance guidelines can elevate the effectiveness of regular brake jobs.
view more | Jul 2015 |

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