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Week of August 3, 2015
Top 5 News
1. Cat Trucks to Initially Continue as Built by Navistar
UPDATED -- What's next for Caterpillar and Navistar vocational trucks, now that Caterpillar's ending its Cat Truck assembly agreement with Navistar? Spokesmen from both companies talk to Truckinginfo.com.
view more | 07.28.2015 |
2. ATA Disappointed in Proposed CSA Changes
The American Trucking Associations, in its comments on the FMCSA's proposed changes to the CSA, says the agency didn't go far enough.
view more | 07.29.2015 |
3. Did FMCSA Spin Report on HOS Restart?
The day after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stated its general satisfaction with a Government Accountability Office study of the hours-of-service changes implemented in 2013, the American Trucking Associations slammed the safety agency for “cherry-picking” a few points “in a desperate effort to influence lawmakers.”
view more | 07.31.2015 |
4. Cat to Split with Navistar, Build Own Vocational Trucks
Navistar says it will "leverage joint technology" to produce its own premium vocational trucks.
view more | 07.28.2015 |
5. Eaton Beefs Up Transmission Reman Offerings
Eaton is introducing the Rebuilder Bulk Pack line of transmission components with several new Fuller transmission parts for aftermarket rebuilders.
view more | 07.29.2015 |
Top 5 Articles
1. 4 Ways Hirschbach Saves Fuel
At Hirschbach Motor Lines, an 850-truck-and-growing refrigerated fleet based in East Dubuque, Ill., the goal is “to become the most fuel-efficient fleet in the trucking business while providing best-in-class service to our customers."
view more | Jul 2015 |
2. Spec'ing Trailer Doors and Floors
Freight goes through and on these components, and are among the details to carefully consider when spec’ing dry-van truck bodies and trailers.
view more | Jul 2015 |
3. Test Drive: Caterpillar CT680 Tractor
This long-hooded model with forward-set steer axle is the nicest-driving Cat Truck yet.
view more | Jul 2015 |
4. Quick Spin: Kenworth's Icon 900
Kenworth’s bold and unapologetic limited-edition “large car” doesn’t disappoint.
view more | Jul 2015 |
5. Preventing Irregular Wear on Wide-Base Tires
Do wide-base single tires wear differently than standard tires in dual assemblies? We address that question and give tips on how proper care of your wide-base single tires can improve their life and ROI.
view more | Jul 2015 |

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