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Week of November 28, 2016
Top 5 News
1. Trump Picks Chao to Head DOT
President-elect Donald Trump will nominate Elaine Chao to serve as secretary of transportation. She served as secretary of labor throughout President George W. Bush’s two terms and as deputy secretary of transportation under President George H. W. Bush.
2. Nikola One Fuel Cell Electric Truck Promises High Fuel Economy, Low Maintenance
SALT LAKE CITY -- If enthusiasm ensures success, Nikola One, the fuel cell-electric long-haul tractor unveiled Thursday night in Salt Lake City, is a sure thing. It promises low maintenance and high fuel economy, but production is still a ways away.
3. Otto to Test Autonomous Rig in Ohio
A demonstration on Monday, using a 35-mile stretch of U.S. 33 northwest of Columbus, was postponed, but may be rescheduled. Next week, the Otto truck will run on the Ohio Turnpike.
4. Nikola to Unveil Electric Class 8, Strategic Partnership with Ryder
The day has finally arrived when Nikola Motor Company will unveil its electric Class 8 tractor tonight at a press event at the company's Salt Lake City headquarters.
5. Cass Freight Measures Post First 2016 Gains
Two measures of freight shipping posted their first year-over-year improvements in more than 12 months, indicating there has been more than the usual fall surge in shipment volume.
Top 5 Articles
1. Oak Harbor Maximizes Asset Utility With A Decking System
Oak Harbor Freight Lines avoids wasting trailer space and damaging its customer's freight by using Kinedyne's decking system to maximize its asset utility.
2. Thanksgiving Holiday
HDT is closing its offices for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, please enjoy some of our best long-form features, photo galleries, and commentary from the past few months.
3. The Future of Refrigerated Trailers
What will the refrigerated trailer of the future be made of? Strong, lightweight and corrosion-proof composites? Very possibly. Economical, efficient aluminum sheet-and-post design, like now? Yes, for a number of years yet.
4. Proper Inflation is Elementary
Keeping tires properly inflated is elementary to good maintenance, and products that aid in that quest can be valuable.
5. Test Drive: Freightliner’s ‘New’ Cascadia
From the November Issue of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, equipment editor Jim Park test drives the new Freightliner Cascadia. Daimler loaded up this truck with some amazing technology and created an environment drivers will love.
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