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Week of September 26, 2016
Top 5 News
1. Navistar SuperTruck Beats DOE Efficiency Goals, Hits 13 MPG
Navistar has revealed that its SuperTruck program demonstration vehicle, CatalIST, exceeded the improvement goals set by the Department of Energy for the SuperTruck program.
2. Report: Small Fleets Keep Trucks Nearly Twice as Long as Large Fleets
A study jointly produced by FTR and CK Commercial Vehicle Research is now available, examining heavy duty vehicle usage, maintenance practices and replacement parts purchasing activity.
3. Chinese Truck Maker Teams With Daimler, Cummins to Launch Global Super Truck Line
Chinese truck manufacturer Foton Motor has launched three fuel-efficient trucks under the Super Truck line in collaboration with Daimler, Cummins and several German component suppliers.
4. Not Much Activity in Diesel Prices, OPEC Teases Crude Deal
The price of diesel fuel fell slightly last week, continuing a 5-week streak of nearly flat prices, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Department.
5. UPS Drone Delivers Medicine to Remote Location in Test
UPS staged a mock delivery of urgently needed medicine from Beverly, Mass., to Children’s Island using a drone delivery system it is testing with CyPhy Works.
Top 5 Articles
1. What's Available in Hybrid and Electric Drive Systems
Interest has waned in the face of low fuel prices, but ‘price points’ are lower and the business remains active.
2. Ploger Transportation Pushes 10 Mpg With a Far-From-Typical Powertrain Spec
Ploger is a diverse carrier hauling mostly high-cube multi-drop loads to customer retail locations in urban areas predominantly east of the Mississippi.
3. Q&A: How Driver Relationships Drive Safety at Southern Freight Services
Kelsey Wolfe is Southern Freight Services’ director of safety, human resources and recruiting and Heavy Duty Trucking’s pick for its 2016 Safety & Compliance Award. While safety is her primary concern, it's her relationships with the drivers that make it happen.
4. Wide-Single Tires Need a Little More Care
Wide-base single tires have saved truck fleets millions of gallons of fuel over the 20-plus years they have been in service and facilitated the transport of thousands of additional tons of payload. Good maintenance improves the value proposition with wide-base singles.
5. Profit Is Hiding In Dark Places
Most fleets are operating on thin margins and that is not likely to change anytime soon. Yet many of them are missing an opportunity to add to their bottom line because they don’t have complete control over their procurement process.
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