Ferro Presided Over Landmark Safety Rules
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Week of July 28, 2014
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1. 34-Hour Restart Takes Center Stage at Senate Safety Hearing
A Senate hearing on truck safety was dominated by the ongoing struggle over the 34-hour restart provision of the hours of service rule. Anne Ferro, in what was probably her last congressional testimony before she steps down as chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, defended the restart.
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2. Ferro Presided Over Landmark Safety Rules
Anne Ferro, who will step down as chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration next month, served as administrator during a period of great consequence for truck safety. Washington Editor Oliver Patton takes a look at what she has presided over in her almost five years in the post, as well as early industry reaction to her upcoming departure.
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3. House Rejects Senate Highway Trust Fund Patch as Deadline Looms
Congress is inching ever closer to the edge of insolvency for the Highway Trust Fund. On Thursday afternoon the House rejected the Senate’s bill to patch the Fund into December and sent its original bill back to the upper chamber.
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4. Navistar Rolls Out Used-Truck Program for Late Models
Navistar has launched a new program for late-model used International trucks called Diamond Renewed, offering a comprehensive inspection and mechanical reconditioning process.
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5. Congress Passes 10-Month Highway Bill
The Senate Thursday night approved a $10.8 billion House bill to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent through next May. This ensures that highway funding will continue for the next 10 months, a relief to states...
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Top 5 Articles
1. The Benefits of Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires Explained
There's little doubt left that tires formulated for lower rolling resistance work as advertised, but it's still tough to give up at few thousandths of an inch of tread. After all, tire miles are important, too. How much of a difference does the reduction in rolling resistance make?
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2. 7 Things Drivers Need to Do at the Scene of an Accident
SCHAUMBURG, IL — Fleets should prepare for and practice what to do in the event of a serious accident just like they do for fire drills – from top management to dispatchers to drivers, said Don Jerrell, a safety expert at HNI Risk Services, to attendees of the Fleet Safety Conference Tuesday.
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3. Commentary: Hours of Service Insanity
Combine a truck crash, a celebrity, and an election year, and what do you get? An HOS rules feeding frenzy on Capitol Hill and in the media.
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4. Commentary: Lightweighting the Way
Is lightweighting actually new? Well, not really, at least not in our world of big trucks and long trailers, says Rolf Lockwood in July's "Locking It In" column.
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5. 3 Tools for Finding the Best Qualified Drivers
Few things will impact your overall recruiting, driver qualification, and safety results more than the quality of new drivers you bring into the organization.
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