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Week of August 24, 2015
Top 5 News
1. Volvo Boosts Fuel Economy by the Power of Two
Volvo's Adaptive Loading axle system turns a 6x2 into a 4x2 when the extra axle in the tractor tandem isn't needed. When it comes to fuel efficiency, 2 is definitely better than 4.
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2. Court Injuncts Ridge Corp.’s Green Tail Aero-Device Business
Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell of the United States District Court for the Central District of California on August 24 granted Stemco subsidiary ATDynamics’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction against Ridge Corporation’s Green Tail aerodynamic-device business.
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3. Portland Con-way Freight Employees Vote Against Union
Employees at Con-way Freight’s Portland, Ore., maintenance facility voted to reject representation by the Teamsters Union.
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4. Diesel Prices Drop as Oil Hits 6-Year Lows
Amidst some of the lowest crude oil prices since 2009, the average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel fuel continued its more than 2-month streak of price drops.
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5. Kenworth Execs Talk Trucks and Trucking
In a wide-ranging discussion with trucking journalists at its headquarters Tuesday, Kenworth executives shared their insights on topics ranging from autonomous trucks to the safety of the industry.
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Top 5 Articles
1. SmartWay List Swells with Cheap Chinese Tires
A massive influx of Chinese tires, some costing $100 or less, has flooded the U.S. EPA's list of SmartWay verified tire in the past year. What does this mean for tire retailers and retreaders, fleets and even the enforcement community?
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2. Mercedes-Benz Updated 13-liter and the Next Detroit Diesel Generation
For a sneak peek at the next generation of the DD13, look to the latest new engine from Mercedes-Benz in Europe.
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3. Starship Rig Shooting for Top MPG
By the early ’80s some fleets were using roof-mounted air fairings on their road tractors to reduce drag. That got the attention of owner-operator Bob Sliwa, who figured a lot more could be done.
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4. New Report Explores Lightweighting
The North American Council on Freight Efficiency and the Carbon War Room released their most recent “Confidence Report,” on lightweighting strategies for heavy-duty trucks, released August 25 at the Fleet Technology Expo in Long Beach, Calif.
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5. Commentary: New Life For Old Parts
For fleets that are trying to extend the life of their vehicles, recycled or reconditioned parts might be the answer.
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