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Week of November 30, 2015
Top 5 News
1. Ford Shows 2017 Super Duty Trucks in L.A.
Ford gave an early glimpse of its redesigned 2017 Super Duty pickup at the Los Angeles Auto Show, by showing a white F-450 Platinum dual-rear-wheel pickup and F-350 King Ranch.
view more | 11.24.2015 |
2. Highway Users Rank America's Worst 50 Traffic Bottlenecks
The worst traffic bottleneck in the country is in Chicago, Ill., according to a new study by the American Highway Users Alliance -- and Los Angeles owns the next six of the top 10.
view more | 11.23.2015 |
3. Ford Tests 2017 Super Duty with Aftermarket Equipment
Ford has tested the 2017 F-Series Super Duty truck to ensure that it can perform while equipped with popular aftermarket equipment fitted to its cargo box.
view more | 11.27.2015 |
4. Toyota Transport Testing First CNG Car Hauler
Toyota Transport, the automaker’s in-house vehicle transportation trucking company, added its first car hauler that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG).
view more | 11.23.2015 |
5. DOT to Host Self-Driving Vehicle Talk with Google Expert
The U.S. Department of Transportation will host a talk on self-driving vehicles with the director of Google’s Self-Driving Car Program, Chris Urmson.
view more | 11.25.2015 |
Top 5 Articles
1. Legal Pot in Colorado: How it's Affected Trucking
It’s been almost two years since Colorado officially legalized marijuana. With other states considering similar measures, Colorado Motor Carrier Association President Greg Fulton reflects on the law and its impact on the trucking industry.
view more | Nov 2015 |
2. Kenworth's Predictive Cruise Control Looks Ahead to Save Fuel
Predictive cruise control uses terrain mapping and GPS satellite locating to manage the engine and transmission for efficient operation on up- and downgrades.
view more | Nov 2015 |
3. Commentary: Why VW’s ‘defeat device’ is different from what happened in trucking
The current situation surrounding the VW emissions scandal parallels trucking’s emissions difficulties that led to the “consent decree” in 1998.
view more | Nov 2015 |
4. The Impact of Truck Driver Wellness Programs
Executives at several large long-haul fleets talk about their efforts to keep drivers healthy and happy through wellness programs in the final installment of HDT's Driver Dilemma series.
view more | Nov 2015 |
5. HDT's Top 50 Green Fleets
Industry leaders show there are many paths to sustainability, from better mpg to alternative fuels to “green” facilities.
view more | Nov 2015 |

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