Bridgestone Offers Firestone Steer Tire for Regional, P&D

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August 26, 2014

How Tires Affect Fuel Economy Testing
<p>Apples to oranges. Accurate fuel economy test results can only be obtained using idendical trucks, including the tires.</p> When setting out to evaluate a fuel-saving product, you don't want your numbers skewed by differences in rolling resistance from the tires. With some fuel-saving devices promising only marginal gains, the tires' contribution to the fuel consumption can adversely affect the apparent performance of the product. Here's what to watch for when setting up an evaluation or testing program.

Bridgestone Offers Firestone Steer Tire for Regional, P&D
Bridgestone has released the Firestone FS561 radial tire for steering application on regional and pickup and delivery use.

Bandag B799 Tread for Mild Mixed-Service Retreads
Bridgestone's new Bandag B799 tread is designed for retread tires being used in mild mixed service.

McCarthy Tire Acquires Terry-Haggerty Tire
McCarthy Tire Service Co. Inc. purchased Terry-Haggerty Tire Co. from Jim and Tom Terry in a transaction that closed Aug. 11.

Continental Names New Head of Aftermarket
<p><strong>Howard A. Laster, Head Of Aftermarket at Continental Commercial Vehicles &amp; Aftermarket.<br /></strong></p> Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has named Howard A. Laster as its Head of Aftermarket.

The True Causes of Rubber on the Road

Video from the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau and Tire Industry Association shows that retread tires may not be the cause of rubber on the road. The two groups cite independent research and offer easy-to-understand explanations of reasons tires fail and litter highways with dangerous debris.

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Here’s to Tequila Patron, Which Made This Trailer Possible

“Now why would a trucking company that hauls booze advertise it?” I mumbled. “That’s asking for a hijacking.” Senior Editor Tom Berg investigates in his "Trailer Talk" blog.

Fiery Crash Video Paints Portrait of Brave and Caring Truckers

A dash-cam video that surfaced this week of a trucker's reaction after witnessing a fiery crash paints a portrait of truckers that's good for the industry. Deborah Lockridge explains in her All That's Trucking blog.

Another Exec Gets a Taste of Life on the Road

An announcement about J.J. Keller's president riding along with women truckers prompts a blog post from Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge about the importance of connecting with truckers.


HDT Fact Book: Fuel & Emissions
According to a recent survey from CK Commercial Vehicle Research, driver shortage is increasingly impacting fleet operations. Source: CKCVR Fleet Sentiment Report Data
HDT Fact Book: Drivers

HDT Fact Book: Safety
Since the Great Recession, aftermarket demand has posted year-over-year growth, climbing to its current value of $22.5B. Given that between 2010 and 2013 average price increases equal 1.8%, year-over-year growth was between 0.04% &ndash; 2.8%. Source: MacKay &amp; Company
HDT Fact Book: Parts & Services
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