Cooper Makes Progress on Guayule-Rubber Tire

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October 30, 2014

Top Tools for the Tire Shop
<p><strong>The one tool every tire shop needs is a tire inflation cage. It's designed to absorb the blast from a tire exploding during inflation.</strong></p> Moving tire care in-house can save time and money - if you have the right tools.

Cooper Makes Progress on Guayule-Rubber Tire
<p><strong>The guayule plant can produce a substitute source of rubber.</strong><em> Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture.</em></p> Cooper Tire and Rubber has completed builds of tires made of natural rubber sourced from the guayule plants.

Goodyear Automatic Tire Inflation System in Fleet Testing
<p><strong>A Goodyear Tire &amp; Rubber Company tire test engineer checks the pressure on a tire equipped with the company's Air Maintenance Technology. </strong><em>Photo:&nbsp; Goodyear.</em></p> Goodyear will test its Air Maintenance Technology for commercial vehicles -- which keeps tires inflated without any external pumps or electronics -- on trucking fleets over the next year and a half.

Michelin X One Multi Energy Tire is SmartWay Verified
The Michelin X One Multi Energy T is a wide-base, single-trailer tire for regional operations designed to deliver a reduction in irregular wear and improve fuel economy. The tire is EPA SmartWay verified and replaces the Michelin X One XTE.

Get the Most from Your Tire Pressure Sensors
<p><strong>Nearly all roadside tire failures can be traced back to underinflation. A TPMS system can reduce such incidents and pay for itself in less than 8 months. </strong><em>Photo by Jim Park</em><strong><br /></strong></p> Fleets are increasingly looking to tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems to optimize tire life and performance -- but if the system is not installed right, you won't get the full benefit of your investment.

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Clever Commercial Celebrating a Boy’s Imagination Includes a Tractor-Trailer

The family comes upon a big rig transporting what looks like a tug or fishing boat, strapped to a special trailer. The little boy looks up at the boat and sees a three-masted schooner, foundering and in peril!

This Volvo Video's No Bull

Running with the bulls -- in a Volvo medium-duty truck? Deborah Lockridge has more in her "All That's Trucking" blog.

High-Cube Vans Bolster Fast Carriage of Big, Bulky Items

It's "back to the future" in van trailers for one carrier, explains Tom Berg in his "Trailer Talk" blog. The freight is big, bulky and light, with gross combination weights typically at 45,000 pounds, so the ZCube trailers are pulled by single-rear-axle tractors.


A Look Inside the 2014 Green Fleet Conference
Upcoming Volvo partner Chinese Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles exhibited at IAA for the first time ever. On the floor were three main truck models covering medium and heavy trucks for long distance transport, medium distance transport and city transport.
The Show Floor of IAA In Germany
General sessions were held in the exhibit hall this year, meaning more traffic for exhibitors.
ATA Management Conference & Exhibition
On the far side of the sleeper is an autographed illustration of Ice Road Trucker, Lisa Kelly.
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