Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Appoints New President

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April 22, 2014

Frequent Inspections Save Tires
<p>Frequent and thorough yard checks will catch problems your drivers miss.</p> It seems the best you can expect from many drivers is a quick visual check that the tire is where it should be. Whether or not it's capable of holding air is another matter.

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Appoints New President
<p><strong>John Boynton</strong></p> Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, part of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, announced that John Boynton, currently vice president, sales, BCS, has been promoted to the position of president, BCS, effective immediately.

Webb Wheel Releases Webb Vortex Unlimited Brake Drum with Cool Running Technology
Webb Wheel Aftermarket has released a new Webb Vortex Unlimited brake drum featuring patent-pending Cool Running Technology vents that increase air flow producing 15% cooler operating temperatures for better braking performance and adding 25% to brake drum life.

Bridgestone Creates Tire Advisor Mobile App
Bridgestone Commercial Solutions introduced a mobile app designed to help fleets and dealers quickly access and compare information about the Bridgestone family of commercial tire brands.

High Heat and Fast Leak Tire Condition Alerts Added to Omnitracs TPM Application
Omnitracs added new tire condition alerts, high heat and fast leak, to its tire pressure monitoring application. Extending the current value tire pressure monitoring brings, heat and fast leak alerts will offer customers a more comprehensive look at tire health maintenance for improved safety, fuel efficiency and reduced tire-related expenses.

Bee Line Announces Laser Computer Alignment System
Bee Line has announced the LC7580 Laser Computer Alignment System, which will allow a shop to align the smallest passenger vehicle, the largest commercial tractor and everything in between.

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Twin 33s Would Be Safer than 28s, U of Michigan Researcher Says

Double-trailer rigs with a pair of 33-foot trailers would be “inherently more stable” and therefore safer than the twin 28s now running throughout the United States, according to John Woodrooffe, director of commercial vehicle research at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute.

Are You Staying on Top of Your Fuel Invoices?

Are you concerned about the accuracy of your fuel invoices? If you are, you have plenty of company, according to one recent survey.

What to Do About Fifth Wheel Grease

Here's one question you probably never saw answered in the syndicated newspaper column "Hints from Heloise."

The Bulk-hauling Optimized series also includes shorter VNM tractors that, like VNL versions, come as a daycab and several sleeper types.
Test Drive Photos: Optimized Lightweight VNL
Founded in 1932 as National Hauling, NFI has evolved from a trucking company in a regulated environment into one of the largest privately held supply chain companies in North America.
Truck Fleet Innovators: NFI's Bill Bliem
PepsiCo is moving to specially spec&rsquo;d dry van trailers, liftgates and pallets that are preloaded at the warehouse.
Truck Fleet Innovators: PepsiCo's Shelby Green
Meijer finished converting its 170-truck fleet of regional daycabs to the 2010 engines last fall, realizing a 47% reduction in particulate matter and a 5% increase in fuel economy.
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Al Brunelli
Southeast Region Manager
(832) 717-3900
Bill Madden
West Region Manager
(503) 557-9000
Justin Miller
Midwest/Northeast Region Manager
(847) 496-5902
Tom Lloyd
Midwest/Mid-Atlantic Region Manager
(248) 253-1344