SkyBitz Delivers Tire Warnings for PSI

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March 24, 2015

Working With Your Tire Provider
<p><strong>Larger dealers are often associated with a retreader. Keeping all the services under one roof makes for easier tracking, billing and record keeping.&nbsp;</strong></p> Anybody can change a tire, but does your dealer make yard calls and bring some inventory along so the necessary tires can be changed on site without delay?

SkyBitz Delivers Tire Warnings for PSI
This mutual program from SkyBitz and PSI provides fleet managers real-time alerts of tire faults to enable prompt maintenance.

Goodyear Says It's Taking on Michelin for Fuel-Efficient Tire Leader
<p><em>Photo: Goodyear</em></p> Goodyear wants to be the leader in fuel-efficient truck tires. Why? Because the number one concern of long-haul fleets across America is fuel costs.

Goodyear Adds Retread for Fuel Max Long-Haul Tire
<p><em>Photo: Goodyear</em></p> Goodyear has introduced the precure Fuel Max LHD G505D retread, which is designed to extend the life cycle of the Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D long haul tire.

Double Coin RR706 Designed for Mixed Service
The new Double Coin RR706 mixed service is an all-position truck tire designed for the construction and refuse industries. The company will debut it at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville Ky.

Toyo M153 Designed for High-Scrub Applications
Toyo Tire’s M153 regional and urban heavy-duty steer tire is designed for refuse operations and other high-scrub applications.

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Price and Weight Comparisons: Steel, Combo and Aluminum

Different buyers have different considerations, which is why trailer manufacturers offer the three different types. Manac offered a quick look at the three trailer types in its booth at MATS.

Refiners Buy Tankers to Ensure Supplies of Better Crude Oil

Refiners are buying trucks to fetch more desirable crude oil than what they’re getting through pipelines.

Turning an Eyesore into Truck Parking

One California newspaper editor has the right idea when it comes to truck parking, says Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge in her "All That's Trucking" blog.

Crowds were decent on Saturday, but not overwhelming. It was a good day for walking the show and a good opportunity to get close to the exhibitors. Photo by Jim Park
Photos: Mid-America Trucking Show, Day 3
At 8:15, just as the sun was breaking over Freedom Hall on Friday morning, the temperature was a chilly 36 degrees. Photo: Jim Park
Photos: Mid-America Trucking Show, Day 2
Diane Hames, general manager of marketing and strategy at Daimler Trucks North America, introduced the audience to the company's newest concept vehicle.
Photos: Freightliner Unveils SuperTruck
Photo: Sven-Erik Lindstrand
Photos: MATS 2015 Opening Day
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