Two Goodyear Retreads Earn SmartWay Verification

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December 9, 2014

Are You Putting Enough Air In Your Steer Tires?
<p><strong>Pressures of 105 psi are fine with 12,000-pound steer-axle loads, but may be 10-20 psi underinflated in 13,200-pound steer-axle loads.</strong></p> If you are not running at least 105 psi in your steer tires, you’re running underinflated. In some cases, those tires may be in run-flat condition.

Two Goodyear Retreads Earn SmartWay Verification
<p><strong>G392-UniCircle-retread</strong>.</p> The G392S SSD and G394A SST wide-base retread products feature Goodyear’s UniCircle Technology.

Purcell Opens Commercial Tire Center in Arizona
<p><strong>Purcell Tire and Service Center in Tuscon, Ariz:</strong>&nbsp;<em>Photo via Purcell.&nbsp;</em></p> Purcell announced the opening of a new commercial tire and service center in Tucson, Ariz., to service heavy duty trucks. The center is located at 1515 East Ajo Way in Tuscon, near Interstate 10.

Accuride Reaches Contract Agreement for Illinois Facility
Accuride Corporation successfully reached a new four-year collective bargaining agreement with the union at its Rockford Operations facility in Rockford, Ill. The accord gives Accuride long-term agreements with all four U.S. and Canadian union represented operations.

Top Tools for the Tire Shop
<p><strong>The one tool every tire shop needs is a tire inflation cage. It's designed to absorb the blast from a tire exploding during inflation.</strong></p> Moving tire care in-house can save time and money - if you have the right tools.

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A. Duie Pyle Bolsters Fleet of Heated, Insulated Vans for Winter

Some carriers turn away temperature-sensitive freight during cold snaps. But Pyle has equipment and facilities to handle it, and the business has grown.

Pegging the BS Meter in the Restart Battle

"The American public will pay with their lives and their wallets if Congress gives in to the anti-safety agenda of trucking interests." Deborah Lockridge writes about why that and other quotes from a press release from "safety" advocates are BS in her All That's Trucking blog.

Steel Springs, White Color Among Penske’s Trailer Specs

White sidewalls and doors can bring thousands of dollars more than a custom color at resale time.

Technians had to climb in and out of trucks to troubleshoot problems while they checked their work.
Photos: 2014 Rush Truck Centers Tech Skills Rodeo

2014 Class 8 Update

Photos: 16th Annual IEOA Truck Light Convoy

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