Tire Maintenance with Ryder's Scott Perry

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May 12, 2015

Figuring Out Wide-Base Single Tires
<p><strong>OEMs rely heavily on tires to meet their CAFE requirements under GHG reduction rules. Once fuel-efficient tires are installed, you can&rsquo;t legally take them off.</strong></p> Wide-based single tires have proven weight- and fuel-saving properties, but not every fleet can make them work. Yet there may still be options.

Tire Maintenance with Ryder's Scott Perry
<p><strong>Check and record tire pressure and tread depth every time you see a tire</strong>. <em><strong>Photo courtesy of Goodyear</strong></em></p> Ryder Systems has one of the most diverse fleets in the country, and one of the largest. Management of that fleet's tire assets falls to Scott Perry, vice president of supply management. You may not find him out in the yard gauging tires, but he certainly responsible for getting every last penny in value from his tires.

Finding Replacement Tires for Medium-Duty Trucks
<p><em>(Clockwise from top l.) Goodyear's G661, G731, G949, and G933<br /></em></p> Fleet managers opting for new replacement tires instead of retreads for their medium-duty trucks must tailor the tire to not only the specific gross vehicle weight, but also to the application and specific conditions in which the vehicle will operate.

GT Radial Tire Made for High-Mileage, High-Scrub Use
The GT Radial GT639 is a non-directional regional drive tire designed for better traction and mileage performance in regional fleet use.

Michelin XZA3+ Tire Available in Load Range H
Michelin Americas Truck Tires launched two more sizes of the Michelin XZA3+ steer tire, coming in load range H to address additional weight without a change in tire performance.

Equal W Balances Wide-Base Tires
IMI has introduced Equal W, a new size of the Equal wheel balancer and vibration dampener specifically designed for wide-base tires.

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Truck Racing Returns

After nearly a month since its inaugural event, big rig racing -- returning to the U.S. after a 22-year hiatus -- is heating up with race events two weekends in a row.

Trucks Turn Out for Make-A-Wish Convoy

Thousands of spectators lined the roads in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, area as hundreds of truckers (and some unusual other vehicles) took part in the annual Make-A-Wish Mother's Day Truck Convoy.

What's Worse than Yet Another Highway Bill Patch?

Baseball is America’s cherished Rite of Spring. Except in Washington, where slapping a patch on the Highway Trust Fund has become the signature of the season.

The International PayStar tackled the rough road course, which is used to test vehicles over various surfaces.
Navistar Proving Grounds Ride and Drive
The Icon 900 with its traditional paint scheme. Photo by Jim Park
Latest Additions Kenworth's Class 8 Lineup
Approximately 100 Make-A-Wish children rode along with truckers in the convoy this year.
Photos: Convoy Raises Funds for Make-A-Wish
San Antonio is home to the Alamo and Pressure Systems International, makers of the Meritor Tire Inflation System. Photo by Jim Park
Photos: Behind the Scenes at PSI
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