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April 19, 2018
FMCSA Now Recording ELD Violations in SMS
<p><strong>Violations of the ELD rule found during roadside inspections since full enforcement&nbsp;kicked in are now being used in the Safety Measurement System</strong>. <em>Image: FMCSA</em></p> Violations of the electronic logging device rule found during roadside inspections since full enforcement kicked in on April 1 are now being used in the Safety Measurement System that drives the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Carrier, Safety, Accountability enforcement program.

Mercedes-Benz Details 2019 Sprinter's Telematics Offering
<p><em>Photo of 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans by Paul Clinton.</em></p> Mercedes-Benz will offer eight factory telematics packages with its third-generation 2019 Sprinter that allow fleet managers to better track preventive maintenance, routing, and driver behavior with the full-size van, the company has announced.

Tesla Removed from Crash Investigation for Violating NTSB Rules
<p><strong>NTSB</strong></p> Tesla will no longer be able to participate in the National Transportation Safety Board investigation of a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model X after it violated the agency’s rules on sharing investigative information before being vetted and confirmed.

How Home Delivery and Fresh Foods are Changing Refrigerated Transport
<p><strong>Morgan's home grocery delivery body is designed for smaller delivery vehicles.</strong> <em>Photo: Morgan Corp.</em></p> The way Americans get their groceries is changing – and that's affecting refrigerated transporters and the equipment they buy.

Verizon Connect Talks ELDs, Rebranding, and Solutions [Video]

Verizon Connect has unified three leading telematics providers on one platform. Heavy Duty Trucking executive editor David Cullen talks to Hector Garcia, marketing manager, who explains Verizon Connect's mobile workforce solutions for trucking fleets.

Points of Interest Feature Added to TMW FinalMile
<p><strong>The FinalMile points of interest feature allows users to pin locations on a map that don't have an address.</strong> <em>Photo: TMW</em></p> TMW announced a new feature for its FinalMile DRTrack solution that allows users to identify and save points of interest not associated with an address on a map for routing purposes.

Comdata Offers OnRoad Card for Managing Fleet Spending
Comdata has introduced the Comdata OnRoad Card, a multipurpose fuel and driver funds card to help companies manage fleet spending.

Zed Connect Opens U.S. Headquarters
<p><strong>Zed Connect has opened its U.S. headquarters in Calabasas, Calif.</strong> <em>Photo: Zed Connect</em></p> Cummins subsidiary company Zed Connect has opened its headquarters in Calabasas, Calif., housing the company’s executive staff, research and development, engineering, design, product management, accounting and marketing.

Hundreds of PrePass Users Enrolled in NorPass and Oregon Green Light Programs
<p><strong>PrePass users who have enrolled are now able to bypass weigh stations at 44 additional locations in seven states.</strong> <em>Photo: Help Inc.</em></p> Hundreds of PrePass users have enrolled in the NorPass and Green Light weigh station bypass programs in the 90 days since Help Inc. partnered with the Washington State Department of Transportation to allow interoperability between the systems.

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