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March 15, 2018
SmartDrive Launches Video Safety Platform With New Hardware
<p><strong>SmartDrive's SR4 hardware is more than 50% smaller than previous iterations to reduce the distraction to the driver, especially for dash- and windshield-mounted equipment.&nbsp;</strong><em>Photo: SmartDrive</em></p> SmartDrive Systems launched the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform and SR4 hardware for fleets, offering a comprehensive video- and sensor-based intelligence platform for fleets looking to improve driver habits and safety.

FMCSA Issues New 90-Day ELD Waiver for Ag Haulers
<p><strong>FMCSA is granting an additional 90-day temporary waiver from the ELD rule for &ldquo;agriculture-related transportation.&rdquo;</strong> <em>Photo: J.J. Keller</em></p> The FMCSA is granting an additional 90-day temporary waiver from the electronic logging rule for “agriculture-related transportation.” During that time period, the agency says it will also publish "final guidance" on both the agricultural air-mile exemption within the hours of service rule and on the use of the personal conveyance adjustment by all motor carriers operating under the ELD rule.

Waymo Begins Autonomous Truck Test Program in Atlanta
<p><strong>Fresh off runs in Arizona and California, Waymo says it is ready to begin autonomous truck tests in Atlanta's heavy urban traffic conditions. </strong><em>Photo: Waymo</em></p> Google's autonomous technology division said in a recent blog post it will begin testing self-driving trucks hauling freight to Google data centers in and around Atlanta.

Minnesota Lays Groundwork for Autonomous Vehicles
<p><em>Photo via <a href="http://www.picserver.org/m/minnesota.html" target="_blank">R M Media Ltd</a>/Picserver.org.</em></p> Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has formed a 15-member advisory council to make policy recommendations regarding traffic regulations, safety issues, and privacy concerns as they relate to rolling out self-driving vehicles in the state.

WisDOT Ponders Using I-94 Shoulders for Autonomous Trucks
<p><strong>After the Chicago North Shore &amp; Milwaukee Railroad shut down in 1963, its abandoned right-of-way was considered as a haul route for tractor-trailers. The idea didn't fly. <em>Image: Milwaukee Electric Railway</em></strong></p> Should freeway shoulders be set aside to run autonomous trucks? Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation is considering doing exactly that along a portion of Interstate 94 to support the carrying of machinery to a new factory south of Milwaukee. Tom Berg has more in the Trailer Talk blog. (Because autonomous trucks do pull trailers...)

ATRI Wants to Examine the Impact of E-Commerce on Trucking
The American Transportation Research Institute is asking ,motor carriers to participate in a survey to assess the impact of e-commerce on the trucking industry.

PrePass Customers Can Now Bypass Stations in the NorPass System
<p><strong>A new agreement&nbsp;allows drivers can carry just one transponder &mdash; NorPass or PrePass &mdash; because the devices are now fully interoperable. WSDOT will continue to sell transponders.</strong> <em>Photo: WSDOT</em></p> A partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation has allowed PrePass customers to bypass weigh stations that are part of the NorPass system.

Pass My Physical Streamlines DOT Medical Exam Process
Technology company Pass My Physical has launched a new platform aimed at streamlining the U.S Department of Transportation’s medical examination process for drivers.

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