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December 14, 2017
How Secure is Your ELD?
Ever since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration opened up its self-certification registration system for mandatory electronic logging devices, there have been a number of new-entrant companies offering ELDs – but how confident can you be that those devices are safe from hacking or data breaches?

ELD Face-off: Two Sides of the Looming Mandate
<p><em>Photo: FMCSA</em></p> With just a week to go until the much-debated electronic logging device rule kicks in on Dec. 18, HDT asked top officials of two trucking associations that have been outspoken in their support or criticism of the far-reaching mandate to weigh in on several key aspects.

TRALA Scores 90-Day ELD Waiver for Short-Term Truck Rentals
<p><strong>FMCSA has granted a TRALA request to provide a 90-day waiver of the ELD rule to trucks rented for 30 days or less</strong>.</p> A 90-day waiver from the electronic logging device mandate will soon be issued for carriers operating short-term rental trucks (defined as 30 days or less) by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Battery Breakthrough Could Triple EV Range
<p><em>Photo via&nbsp;<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/noyafieldsorg/34851733984/in/photolist-V6Jfif-981S9v-c2uCQG-rGNb1c-mKcbrX-9sGWvH-nvtzNZ-dp9Ub7-52XUbp-bLo6CH-aqnA3Y-bBsfS7-6jozPM-biJbCz-chc3bQ-biJbDV-WjzhHj-WjzvPu-n1pXjt-fMgVkC-o6XK4w-6cucrh-5f87Po-eaXjNd-UYLihW-eaRHDe-9C3c8Q-kuMHH3-eaRJVc-deSX3L-zgbKDn-9DtSXr-5nDdJ-8se1EM-CNCHXN-Zui48X-cHiuJJ-nAc47d-nkHAMF-YzwBR4-efCTp4-nkHCSw-dqLEe1-iijmLZ-bfcHdr-aEJpfS-drZpMZ-efcLNY-2mpRbt-bqa7Qi">Noya Fields</a>/Flickr</em></p> New research at the University of Waterloo in Canada could lead to the development of batteries with triple the range of current battery technology for electric vehicles.

Survey: Owner-Operators More Unprepared for ELD Deadline Than Fleets
<p><em>Source: Help Inc.</em></p> Nearly half of respondents to a poll by Help Inc. had not yet selected an electronic logging device two weeks ahead of the Dec. 18 deadline.

House Committee Hears Testimony on Autonomous Truck Tech
<p><strong>House members listen to Greer Woodruff, senior vice president of safety, security and driver personnel at J.B. Hunt.</strong><em> Photo via ATA Twitter feed.</em></p> During a House subcommittee hearing on emerging transportation technology Thursday, representatives found themselves pondering the societal impact autonomous vehicles may have on American workers.

Zonar Confirms ELD Data Transfer Works in FMCSA Testing
<p><em>Photo via Zonar</em></p> Zonar has successfully completed testing with the FMCSA to confirm that data transfer works between its Zonar Logs electronic logging solution and an authorized safety official’s laptop.

Magellan Targets Owner-Operators with ELD
Magellan has launched its own electronic logging device solution, specifically targeted to owner-operators looking for an affordable way to comply before and beyond the ELD mandate deadline.

OOIDA: States Should Review Pitfalls of ELD Rule
<p><em>Photo: JJ Keller</em></p>
<div class="grammarly-disable-indicator">&nbsp;</div> Inspired perhaps by a recent action taken by the Attorney General of Indiana, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has requested that “top officials from each state seriously review potential problems anticipated with enforcement” of the electronic logging device mandate.

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