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August 17, 2017
The Clock is Ticking on ELD Compliance
<p><strong>Despite how easy it is to install electronic logging devices and having the ability to use an app to log time, &ldquo;it still takes fleet management and drivers generally a couple of months to get comfortable with the technology,&rdquo; advises Tom Reader of ELD supplier J.J. Keller.</strong> <em>Photos: J.J. Keller</em></p> Carriers and drivers have a scant four months to be running under the FMCSA's new electronic logging rule.

Pushing the Technology Envelope in Trucking
<p><em>Photo: PeopleNet</em></p> Mark Botticelli, executive vice president, Technology, PeopleNet, described how some wearable devices such as virtual reality goggles or a smart arm band could aid drivers.

How E-Commerce Disrupts Trucking
<p><strong>Thom Albrecht</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> While disruption may be a current buzzword, it’s as old as capitalism itself, said Thom Albrecht, president of Sword & Sea Transportation Advisors, speaking at the PeopleNet and TMW in.sight User Conference + Expo in Nashville.

3 Ways ELDs Should Help Prevent Driver Coercion
<p><em>Photo: FMCSA</em></p> Drivers are at the heart of the electronic logging device mandate that kicks in just over four months from now. According to Pete Allen of MiX Telematics, it was concern about how drivers might be impacted that compelled FMCSA to put “provisions in place to prevent issues of harassment, one of which is driver coercion.”

Time to Face The Future Head-On
<p><strong>Newcomers to trucking are looking at established business models and probing for weaknesses with fresh eyes -- and ideas. </strong><em>Photo: Daimler Trucks</em></p> Tech gurus are flocking to trucking with new ideas and new technology. The time to prepare for the changes that are coming is now, says Jack Roberts in his Truck Tech blog.

UPS Turns to Virtual Reality to Train Drivers
<p><strong>UPS says its new virtual reality training technology is realistic down to the finest details. </strong><em>Photo: UPS</em></p> UPS will begin using cutting-edge virtual reality technology to train drivers at UPS Integrad training facilities.

PeopleNet and TMW Heads Talk On-Demand Economy at User Conference
<p><strong>Brian McLaughlin, president of PeopleNet addressing the opening session of the in.sight&nbsp;User Conference + Expo.</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> The on-demand economy was the focus on day one of PeopleNet and TMW Systems' in.sight Conference, examining how transportation businesses must become increasingly interconnected to keep up with the market.

Trimble Creates Two Transportation Specific Divisions
<p><strong>David Wangler (left) and Brian McLaughlin will head the two new Trimble divisions.</strong> <em>Photo: Trimble</em></p> Trimble has created two divisions as part of its transportation segment, Trimble Transportation Mobility and Trimble Transportation Enterprise, to address the changing marketplace.

Autonomous Technology Heats Up in Arizona
<p><strong>A more relaxed regulatory environment compared to other states has helped Arizona become a hotbed of autonomous vehicle testing. </strong><em>Photo: Truckinginfo.com</em></p> Autonomous vehicle developers have apparently decided the Grand Canyon state is the ideal place to test out their new technology.

Telsa Wants to Test Self-Driving Class 8 Electric Truck in Two States
<p><strong>Based on emails obtained by Reuters, it appears Tesla's new electric truck will have some autonomous and platooning capabilities. </strong><em>Photo: Tesla</em></p> According to published reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reached out to California and Nevada DMV officials to set up tests of his all-electric Class 8 truck in platooning operations on public highways.

PeopleNet, TMW Recognize Innovative Fleets at User Conference
<p><strong>Vitesse Transport Corporation won Innovator of the Year in PeopleNet&rsquo;s Canadian Fleets category. Pictured from left to right are: Alecia Jarosh (PeopleNet), Gino Acrobati (Vitesse), Domenic Santini (Vitesse), Michael Scalzo (Vitesse, and Rick Ochsendorf (PeopleNet).</strong> <em>Photo: Trimble</em></p> PeopleNet and TMW Systems announced the winners of their 2017 Innovator of the Year awards, recognizing companies that have best leveraged technology to innovate.

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