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June 22, 2017
Tesla-Truck Crash: Cruise Control on Steroids
<p><strong>Tesla's autonomous vehicle control system warned Joshua Brown 7 times to take over control of the car before his fatal crash last year.</strong> <em>Photo: NTSB/Florida Highway Patrol</em></p> New details around the infamous Tesla autonomous driving crash last year bring up an important point about new technology. Jack Roberts has the story in his Truck Tech blog.

Commentary: Innovation Comes from the Top - and yet it Doesn't
<p><strong>Deborah Lockridge</strong></p> If someone comes up with an idea and it’s ignored, dismissed, or laughed at, what’s going to happen the next time they have an idea? Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge examines transformational thinking in her June editorial.

Next Trucking Expands Online Freight Shipping Platform
<p>NEXT Trucking bills itself as a&ldquo;unique&rdquo; trucking marketplace which allows truckers to sell their services by posting the routes they want to drive at the pay they want to earn.</p>
<p>Photo: NEXT Trucking</p> The new service is designed to connect small- to medium-sized international shippers with North American truckers and fleets to streamline logistics and provide transparency for both parties.

J.J. Keller Self-Certifies Mobile ELD Solution
<p><em>Photo: J.J. Keller &amp; Associates</em></p> J.J. Keller & Associations has announced that its Mobile ELog solution has been self-certified and added to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD registry.

TechSpedite Offers Expedited New-Technician Training
<p><strong>New technicians progress based on what they've learned.</strong><em> Photo: Pro-Mech Learning Systems.</em></p> One company has developed a program aimed at tackling the technician shortage, with an expedited training program promising to create work-ready technicians.

DAT Offers AscendTMS for Free to Carrier Customers
<p><em>Screenshot via DAT Solutions</em></p> DAT Solutions has announced that it has integrated its most popular carrier features into the AscendTMS for carriers and it will be offered to current and future DAT carrier customers for free.

Fleetmatics Announces LogBook App to Meet ELD Mandate
Fleetmatics says its new LogBook for iOS is a one-stop approach to hours of service management and meeting the electronic logging device mandate that goes into effect in December.

Got Questions
Q. How many different types of inverters does Xantrex offer for heavy duty trucks?

A. Xantrex offers a variety of inverter options for all classes of trucks. From a Class 8 perspective, Xantrex inverters are offered as factory option by the leading heavy duty truck brands. READ MORE

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