Cross-Border Trade Up in May

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July 28, 2014

Economic Watch: Durable Goods Higher, Construction Advances
UPDATED -- Shipments and new orders for durable manufactured goods both increased in June following declines the month before, while total U.S. construction in June hit its highest level so far this year.

Cross-Border Trade Up in May
The value of trade between the United States and its North American trading partners rose in May compared to a year ago, reports the Department of Transportation, led by petroleum products going by pipeline between the U.S. .and Canada, and electrical machinery going by truck between the U.S. and Mexico.

Swift Transportation Profit Falls in Second Quarter
Profit for the trucking company Swift Transportation fell in the second quarter of the year despite an increase in revenue.

Commentary: Lightweighting the Way
Is lightweighting actually new? Well, not really, at least not in our world of big trucks and long trailers.

Two New PrePass Weigh Stations in Mississippi
Now there are 306 PrePass operating sites in the U.S.

First Guard Insurance Announces New President
Courtney Wilson takes on the role as president for the First Guard Insurance, a Florida-based insurance company for leased truck owner-operators

Got Questions Q. Does Citgo have a high zinc motor oil that would work well in older flat tappet engines?

A. If you are using the older gasoline engine for normal operating conditions, a diesel engine oil type formulation does typically provide higher Zinc levels and the higher viscosity-15W-40 will provide extra oil film in addition to the higher Zinc.

Got Questions Q. Will polyurethane motor mounts cause my truck to vibrate more?

A. There is a myth that polyurethane components are harder than rubber, this comes from history where there were different formulations and suppliers, as well as the intent to dampen the vibration in the higher horsepower and torque vehicles.

Fuel Smart
The Benefits of Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires Explained

There's little doubt left that tires formulated for lower rolling resistance work as advertised, but it's still tough to give up at few thousandths of an inch of tread. After all, tire miles are important, too. How much of a difference does the reduction in rolling resistance make?


ARCHIVED: Originally broadcast on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Isuzu N-Series Virtual Tour: A 360° Powertrain and Chassis Overview
Available in three engine choices and with several options for wheelbases, the Isuzu N-Series provides the flexibility for fleets to choose the right truck for the right job. This webinar showcases videos and specs of the Isuzu N-Series lineup, giving participants a virtual look at this low-cab-forward truck design. Available in gas and diesel — and CNG and LPG capable — the Isuzu N-Series offers fleets advantages to traditional trucks, including more cargo space, tighter turning diameter, easier servicing with its tilt-cab function, and overall better visibility.

ARCHIVED: Originally broadcast on Tuesday, October 16, 2013
10 Ways to Lower Costs with a Fleet Management Solution
“Where is my truck?” - it’s the question no fleet operator wants to ask, and no one wants to hear. As the cost of running a fleet keeps rising, improving productivity and optimizing fleet utilization has never been more important. By simply gaining visibility into who, what, when and where activities are occurring you can increase productivity by 15-20%.

To find out more about this free webinar, and to sign up, click here


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Carriers in the Driver's Seat for Shippers Looking for Preferred Status

Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge says her inbox delivered a sure sign that there's a capacity crunch -- advice to help shippers get "preferred" status at motor carriers.

Back a Double-Trailer Rig? There’s an App for That

The point is productivity: A vehicle longer and more complex than the single semis normally used in most of Europe could be employed to haul more cargo in one trip. And with little training, its driver could back it into position for loading or unloading.

President Touts Smart Highways and Vehicles in Infrastructure Push

Tuesday, President Obama took a quick trip across the Potomac to visit the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, a facility in McLean, Virginia, that focuses on highway technologies that help make driving safer and smarter.

Driver Acceptance eBook

5 Great Reasons to Add a Video-Based Safety Program to Your Fleet

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We visited a Chinese truck park on a rainy day.
Photos: Visit to a Chinese Truckstop
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The Peterbilt-Cummins SuperTruck Revealed
Celebrating Ed's birthday at the office.
Ed Bobit: A Man of Outsized Pleasures
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