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August 15, 2017
User Conference Highlights the Fast Pace of Change
<p><strong>Panel at PeopleNet presentation during the in.sight User Conference + Expo.</strong> <em>Photo: Trimble</em></p> Change and its quickening pace was an over-riding theme at Trimble’s in.sight user conference for TMW Systems and PeopleNet customers that kicked off Aug. 14 in Nashville.
ATA to California: Don't Mess With Trucking
<p><strong>ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> State governments, especially California, need to understand they can’t “mess with trucking,” said Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, at the TMW Systems and Peoplenet in.site User Conference + Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.
ELD Mandate Leads ATRI's Top Trucking Issues List
<p><strong>Rebecca Brewster, president of ATRI, discusses recent research results at the in.sight user conference.</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> The ELD mandate was the top industry issue on trucking fleets' minds last year, according to the American Transportation Research Institute's annual Top 10 list, as reported by ATRI's Rebecca Brewster at a user conference put on by TMW and PeopleNet.
PeopleNet and TMW Heads Talk On-Demand Economy at User Conference
<p><strong>Brian McLaughlin, president of PeopleNet addressing the opening session of the in.sight&nbsp;User Conference + Expo.</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> The on-demand economy was the focus on day one of PeopleNet and TMW Systems' in.sight Conference, examining how transportation businesses must become increasingly interconnected to keep up with the market.
Trimble Creates Two Transportation Specific Divisions
<p><strong>David Wangler (left) and Brian McLaughlin will head the two new Trimble divisions.</strong> <em>Photo: Trimble</em></p> Trimble has created two divisions as part of its transportation segment, Trimble Transportation Mobility and Trimble Transportation Enterprise, to address the changing marketplace.
TMW Introduces TMT Predictive Maintenance Software
TMW Systems introduced a predictive maintenance application, TMT Predict.Fault Code, that helps fleets anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and other unscheduled service needs before they occur.
PeopleNet Reveals Fleet Tech Developments at User Conference
PeopleNet announced several fleet-focused technology developments at this year’s in.sight User Conference + Expo, involving electronic logging devices, data analysis, hardware, and video intelligence.
TMW Updates Billing, Planning, Business Tools
TMW Systems announced several updated fleet software tools for managing billing, load planning, and business at the in.sight. User Conference + Expo hosted by PeopleNet and TMW in Nashville, Tennessee.
TruETA Tool Aimed at Helping Fleets Plan Better
<p><strong>Thom Albrecht discusses the disruption of ecommerce on the trucking industry during the in.sight User Conference + Expo.</strong> <em>Photo: Jim Beach</em></p> TMW Systems introduced TruETA, a trip planning and execution tool that calculates estimated time of arrival for each stop along a commercial truck’s route.
TMW Introduces Portfolio of Transportation-Focused Apps
TMW Systems has introduced a portfolio of 11 mobile apps for professionals at every level of a transportation business – from operations to drivers and vehicle maintenance personnel – to complete a wide range of business-critical activities from their Android- or iOS-based devices.
Got Questions
Q. How is Xantrex’s offer better than other manufacturers of inverters?

A. Most truck manufacturers offer Xantrex product as a standard option. However, the option they offer may not work for all applications. For example, a fleet wanted an inverter powerful enough to operate a big heavy duty winch. READ MORE

Got Questions
Q. What are the record retention requirements with ELDs?

A. As part of its Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established rules covering retention of record of duty status (RODS) data... READ MORE


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