Truck Tonnage Index Hits Highest Recorded Level in November

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December 22, 2014

E-log Vendors Busy Implementing HOS Changes
<p><strong>Vendors are busy&nbsp;updating their hours-of-service applications in&nbsp; response to recently HOS rule changes.</strong> <em>(Photo courtesy of Telogis)</em></p> The recently enacted change to drivers hours-of-service rules, scrapping parts of the restart provision adopted in July 2013, has prompted telematics and e-log providers to hustle out updates to their hours-of-service applications.

Truck Tonnage Index Hits Highest Recorded Level in November
<p><em>Graph via ATA.</em></p> The American Trucking Associations’ seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index rose 3.5% to 136.8 in November -- the highest level on record.

Record Travel Expected for Upcoming Holiday Season
<p><em>Photo: Evan Lockridge</em></p> Traffic this year-end holiday season is projected to be at a record level, according to the motorist group AAA.

FreightWatch Issues Holiday Freight Security Advisory
The holiday shipping season is historically one of the most dangerous times for cargo theft, according to the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International.

Trailer Orders Continue Hot Streak in November
Over 36,000 trailers were ordered in November, representing the 4th most orders of all time, according to ACT Research. Trailer orders were up 43% over last year.

Mary Phillips Takes House Transportation Job
Mary Phillips, the former chief of legislative affairs for American Trucking Associations, has been named to a top post on a key transportation subcommittee in the House.

Economic Watch: New Construction Jumps 13 Percent
<p><em>The Dodge Index of new construction starts.</em> <strong>Graphic:&nbsp;Dodge Data &amp; Analytics</strong></p> New construction starts in the U.S. climbed 13% in November from the month before to an annual rate of $677.8 billion, according to industry data provider Dodge Data & Analytics.

Test Drive: Caterpillar’s New CT681
<p><strong>The set-forward steer axle and plain front end mark the latest Cat Truck. The headlamps are halogen sealed beams and the bumper is flat to minimize overall length.&nbsp;</strong></p> Business-like in appearance and set up for bridge-formula states, the latest Cat Truck will suit dump, mixer and snowplow applications.

Beverage Fleets Raised Fuel Economy 13 Percent in 4 Years
<p><em>Photo via XL Hybrids.</em></p> Beverage companies have increased the fuel economy of their fleets by nearly 13% since 2010, according to recent findings by the American Beverage Association.

CVS Uses Data To Conquer the Most Expensive Mile
<p><strong>CVS&rsquo;s fleet of Class 8 haulers use routing software to analyze the best routes for drivers to approach a location, pull into a parking lot, and maneuver into the loading dock</strong>.</p> CVS used the routing software in the Telogis telematics system to analyze the best routes for drivers to approach a location, pull into a parking lot, and maneuver into the loading dock.

Sprinter Vans Recalled for Fire Risk
<p><strong><em>Photo of Sprinter van courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.</em></strong></p> The recall affects more than 8,000 Sprinter 2500 and 3500 vehicles in the 2014 and 2015 model years.

Love’s Opens New Locations in Pennsylvania and Illinois
<p><strong>The new Love's 535 in Londonderry Township<em>, </em>Pennsylvania.</strong></p> Love’s Travel Stops opened two new truck stops in Londonderry Township, Penn., and Hamel, Ill. Combined, the two openings create nearly 170 new truck parking spaces.

Freedom Pre-filters Keep Out Debris
Freedom Air Filters developed a new cabin air filter pre-filter for Freightliner FLD 120, Classic 1988 and new truck models. The pre-filter is designed to keep debris from truck air filters.

Got Questions Q. How is the new lighter grade thin ice oil working on the newer diesel engines?

A. I am not exactly sure what “thin ice” oil is, but your question is good. I assume you are concerned about newer low-viscosity oils that may be considered for applications operating on “thin ice”. These low-viscosity oils actually include grades such as 10W-30, 5W-40 or 5W-30


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