Trucking Company Faces Nearly $1 Million In Fines Over Oilfield Waste Dumping

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April 21, 2014

Canada Expanding Two Border Crossing Facilities
The Canadian government is planning a multi-million dollar upgrade for the Aldergrove border crossing, which includes an expansion with a dedicated Nexus lane to speed up border crossings.

Trucking Company Faces Nearly $1 Million In Fines Over Oilfield Waste Dumping
A Wyoming-based trucking company is facing possible fines of more than $1 million for illegally dumping saltwater on a road, while criminal charges have been filed against the driver.

Kenan Transport Settles EEOC Lawsuit over Pregnancy Discrimination
The tanker trucking company Kenan Transport will pay $27,000 to settle a pregnancy discrimination and retaliation lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency announced Thursday.

Arkansas Routes Get New I-49 Designation
Sections of Interstate 540 and Highway 71 in northwest Arkansas will be receiving a new Interstate highway designation soon, according to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

IIHS Tests Trailer Underride Guards
Recently the National Transportation Safety Board recommended improvements to trailer rear underride guards. This video from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety highlights testing done last year on various trailer underrides, which it said highlighted problems when cars run into the back of a trailer barely overlapping the corner.

Transmission Trends
<p>Most automated manual transmissions go into highway tractors, but Eaton offers three vocational versions of the UltraShift Plus for on/off-road trucks such as dumps and mixers.</p> The swing continues toward heavy automated products, but manuals still dominate. Light and medium trucks are almost all ‘shiftless.’

Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Paper Logs
After 28 years of proposals, studies, drafts, revisions, legal battles and technological innovations – not to mention an Act of Congress – federal regulators are close to requiring most interstate commercial drivers to keep track of their work hours with an electronic device.

Got Questions Q. Will it hurt my engine if I don't use the same brand of oil every time?

A. No, the engine does not develop an affinity for one oil or have a negative reaction to changing brands.

Got Questions Q. With my parking brakes applied I can roll the truck forward. What's the problem?

A. With 75% lining left on the shoes and the stroke at 1.25”, I question whether the drum is within spec or the s-cam bushings are worn out.

Fuel Smart
Natural Gas Fuel Loses Some of its Luster, But Not Going Away

<p>Ryder's natural gas fleet of more than 500 natural gas vehicles has travelled more than 20 million miles, but not every fleet has been so successful.</p> The enthusiasm for natural gas fueled vehicles seems to be stuttering a bit. Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge offers insights from the Mid-America Trucking Show into the status of this alternative fuel for trucking.


ARCHIVED: Originally broadcast on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Isuzu N-Series Virtual Tour: A 360° Powertrain and Chassis Overview
Available in three engine choices and with several options for wheelbases, the Isuzu N-Series provides the flexibility for fleets to choose the right truck for the right job. This webinar showcases videos and specs of the Isuzu N-Series lineup, giving participants a virtual look at this low-cab-forward truck design. Available in gas and diesel — and CNG and LPG capable — the Isuzu N-Series offers fleets advantages to traditional trucks, including more cargo space, tighter turning diameter, easier servicing with its tilt-cab function, and overall better visibility.

ARCHIVED: Originally broadcast on Tuesday, October 16, 2013
10 Ways to Lower Costs with a Fleet Management Solution
“Where is my truck?” - it’s the question no fleet operator wants to ask, and no one wants to hear. As the cost of running a fleet keeps rising, improving productivity and optimizing fleet utilization has never been more important. By simply gaining visibility into who, what, when and where activities are occurring you can increase productivity by 15-20%.

To find out more about this free webinar, and to sign up, click here


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What to Do About Fifth Wheel Grease

Here's one question you probably never saw answered in the syndicated newspaper column "Hints from Heloise."

Trace Down Circuits Before Replacing Liftgate Parts

Proper methods of testing for voltage drop on the circuits that power trailer liftgates were discussed at TMC’s recent annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn. Senior Editor Tom Berg has more in his Trailer Talk blog.

Trucker Buddy Boy Scout Event Big Success at MATS

Deborah Lockridge follows up on a special event at the Mid-America Trucking Show, where more than 200 Boy Scouts earned a badge about truck transportation.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking can Transform Fleet Management

Using Technology to Lower Costs and Improve Productivity for Fleets

The Impact of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap and Trade Programs on California Retail Diesel Prices

Barriers to the Increased Adoption of Fuel Efficiency Technologies

Convergence: Mobility in Trucking Is Now Anywhere, Anything, Anytime, Anyone

Lane Kidd Statement on Pilot Flying J Settlement

Avoiding Common Parking Lot Crashes

Reman Parts Gaining More Favor with Truck Operators

The Bulk-hauling Optimized series also includes shorter VNM tractors that, like VNL versions, come as a daycab and several sleeper types.
Test Drive Photos: Optimized Lightweight VNL
Founded in 1932 as National Hauling, NFI has evolved from a trucking company in a regulated environment into one of the largest privately held supply chain companies in North America.
Truck Fleet Innovators: NFI's Bill Bliem
PepsiCo is moving to specially spec&rsquo;d dry van trailers, liftgates and pallets that are preloaded at the warehouse.
Truck Fleet Innovators: PepsiCo's Shelby Green
Meijer finished converting its 170-truck fleet of regional daycabs to the 2010 engines last fall, realizing a 47% reduction in particulate matter and a 5% increase in fuel economy.
Truck Fleet Innovators: Meijer's David Hoover
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