Volvo Introduces Adaptive Loading 6x2 Suspension

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March 27, 2015

FMCSA Under Pressure to Change CSA Scoring
The ATA urged the FMCSA to make common sense changes to the CSA scoring following re-introduced legislation from Congress addressing the same issue.

Volvo Introduces Adaptive Loading 6x2 Suspension
<p><em>Photo: Sven-Erik Lindstrand</em></p> Volvo Trucks introduced the Adaptive Loading 6x2 liftable forward axle that automatically adjusts to load weight changes and offers 4x2 operation in certain conditions.

Goodyear Names 2015 Highway Hero
It was not an easy choice when it came to choosing this year’s 32nd Goodyear Highway Hero, as all three finalists risked their lives to save others.

Photos: MATS 2015 Opening Day
<p><em>Photo: Sven-Erik Lindstrand</em></p> The 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show opened Thursday, March 26, showcasing everthing from trucks to fitness gear. HDT's editors share the sights in photos.

Flatbed Demand Picks Up in Spot Market
In a mixed week for the spot market, Flatbeds saw the only gain again continuing the trend in demand for the trailer type.

Trucking Moves America Forward Meets 2015 Goals
<p><strong>Kevin Burch, co-chairman of TMAF, expressed his excitement over meeting the 2014 goals, and what TMAF has planned for 2015.</strong> <em>Photo: Stephane Babcock</em></p> Trucking Moves America Forward, the industry-wide image and education movement, announced that had it reached its goal of raising $1 million since its inception last March, which was made possible by contributions from more than 100 trucking companies, allied members and individuals.

Eaton Expands Advantage Product Line, Adds Coast Mode to AMTs
Eaton now offers is Advantage Series transmission in more configurations to broaden its appear to different long-haul, linehaul and regional markets. The Advantage Series automated models now come with a fuel-saving coast mode to decrease parasitic drag on the drive train when operating on hilly terrain.

Photos: Freightliner Unveils SuperTruck
<p><strong>Freightliner gave attendees a first look at its SuperTruck at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show.</strong></p> Freightliner introduced attendees at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking show to its 12.2 mpg SuperTruck. Photos: Stephane Babcock

Peterbilt Introduces Medium-Duty CNG Platform
<p><strong><em>Photo: Peterbilt Motors Company</em></strong></p> Peterbilt Motors Company introduced two new medium-duty vehicles -- the Model 337 and the Model 348 -- powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Both vehicles are now in production and can be configured as trucks or tractors.

International First with New Bendix Advanced Safety System
<p><strong>Wingman Fusion will be available on the International ProStar. </strong><em>Photo: International&nbsp;</em></p> Navistar International Truck announced that beginning next month, the new Bendix Wingman Fusion integrated driver-safety system will be available on its International ProStar Class 8 truck models.

Thermo King Sets Up Network of Drop Yards
<p><strong>One of the 2,250 drop yards in Thermo King&rsquo;s program is owned by the TK dealer in Kingman, Ariz., where 11 acres is devoted to parking. Regular customers include Artur Trucking, US Foods and local operators. </strong><em>Photo courtesy of Thermo Kiing</em></p> The yards can be used for a "nominal" fee by almost all truckers, whether or not they're TK customers.

Volvo Expands XE Powertrain Lineup
<p><strong>XE super direct drive improves fuel efficiency by lowering engine rpms at a given vehicle speed. </strong><em>Photo courtesy of&nbsp;Volvo Trucks</em></p> Volvo Trucks expanded the XE powertrain package lineup with a super direct drive version using the I-Shift transmission. The company also expanded its Remote Diagnostics service to monitor I-Shift components as well.

Alcoa Rolls Out Next-Gen Durabright Wheel
Building on the success of its predecessor, Alcoa is bringing to market the Dura-Bright EVO wheel, said to be highly resistant to corrosion caused by road salts and weather elements, and more resistant to cleaning chemicals.

Cloud-Based In-Cab Video System Launched
Convoy Technologies recently introduced its Videomatics video/telematics-based system to help improve driver safety and security.

V-Flap II is An Aerodynamic Mud Flap
Mudguard Technologies announced the V-Flap II aerodynamic mud flap, the second generation of the company’s V-Flap product.

Dean Foods Rolling Out 64 CNG Trucks, Fueling
<p><em>Photo courtesy of Clean Energy Fuels.</em></p> Dean Foods, one of the nation's largest food and beverage companies, will begin adding 64 medium- and heavy-duty trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and a fueling station at its Houston plant under a new agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

Cummins Launches Two-Stage Turbocharger
<p>The MY-2016 Nissan Titan XD will be equipped with a Cummins 5.0L V-8 Turbo Diesel. <em><strong>Photo: Nissan</strong></em></p> Cummins Turbo Technologies, a manufacturer of turbocharger technology, will officially launch its new two-stage turbocharger powering the 2016 Nissan TITAN XD.

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Crowds were decent on Saturday, but not overwhelming. It was a good day for walking the show and a good opportunity to get close to the exhibitors. Photo by Jim Park
Mid-America Trucking Show, Day 3
At 8:15, just as the sun was breaking over Freedom Hall on Friday morning, the temperature was a chilly 36 degrees. Photo: Jim Park
Mid-America Trucking Show, Day 2
Freightliner gave attendees a first look at its SuperTruck at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show.
Photos: Freightliner Unveils SuperTruck
Photo: Sven-Erik Lindstrand
Photos: MATS 2015 Opening Day
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