Rand McNally Publishes 35th Edition of Trucker Atlas

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June 26, 2015

Air-Defense System Filters Debris For Air Brakes
Phillips Industries has introduced the Air-Defense System trailer brake in-line filtration system designed to trap debris before entering air lines or brake components.

Rand McNally Publishes 35th Edition of Trucker Atlas
<p><em>Photos: Rand McNally</em></p> Rand McNally has released the 2016 edition of its Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas with updated maps and content for drivers.

Peterbilt Showcases Medium-Duty Products at Fleet Event
<p>Photo: Peterbilt Motors Company</p> Peterbilt Motors Company hosted dozens of medium-duty fleet owners and managers at the PACCAR manufacturing facility in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec.

Garmin Navigator Has Built-In Dash Cam
Garmin International has announced the dēzlCam trucking navigator that features a built-in dash cam that records video footage, automatically saving it in the event of an accident.

Peterbilt Offers Truck Rebates to Loggers
<p><em>Photo of Model 348 courtesy of Peterbilt.</em></p> Members of the American Loggers Council can obtain one of three rebates when they purchase one of six Peterbilt models, the truck manufacturer has announced.

High-mpg Model Round-Up
<p><strong>Start with these aero tractors for the best fuel economy.</strong></p> The best fuel economy starts with a truck model specifically designed to squeeze the most possible miles from a gallon of diesel fuel and all major builders offer these for their on-highway customers.

Wheel-Check Indicates When Wheel Nuts Are Loose
Wheel-Check is a loose nut indicator designed to identify a loose wheel nut with a quick visual inspection of the wheel.

Kiene Clutch Brake Remover Replaces Torch Method
The Kiene Diesel K-1360 one-piece clutch brake remover is a tool designed for removing a one-piece clutch brake.

Auto Reel Disconnects and Retracts Automatically
Kussmaul Electronics’ Auto Reel and Auto Reel with Auto Safe are automatic retraction cord reels for shoreline power cords in emergency vehicles.

SkyBitz Integrates ALK Maps with InSight App
SkyBitz has integrated ALK Maps with its InSight asset tracking and management web application, bringing real-time visualizations and interactive maps to the service.

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