Eaton Dual-Clutch Transmission Coming to DuraStar

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July 31, 2015

VW Updates Transporter and Caddy Vans
<p><strong>VW&rsquo;s Caddy is equivalent to Ford&rsquo;s Transit Connect, Ram&rsquo;s ProMaster City and Nissan NV200/Chevy City Express, which are sold in the U.S. The Caddy isn&rsquo;t, but might (or might not) be someday.</strong>&nbsp; <em>Photos by Sven-Erik Lindstrand</em></p> We check out the updated Volkswagen Transporter and Caddy Vans in France and Sweden and ask the question, could these vans be U.S. bound?

Eaton Dual-Clutch Transmission Coming to DuraStar
<p><em>Image via Eaton</em></p> The Eaton Procision line of dual-clutch, automated-manual transmissions will be available on International DuraStar medium-duty trucks in late 2015.

AeroFlap Accommodates Wide-Base Tires
Fleet Engineers has released the AF-19, a 19-inch wide version of the AeroFlap mud flap which is sized to accommodate wide-base tires.

Slick Plate Reduces Fifth Wheel Friction
Minimizer’s Slick Plate is designed to get rid of grease and prolong the life of a fifth wheel by reducing friction.

Eaton Beefs Up Transmission Reman Offerings
Eaton is introducing the Rebuilder Bulk Pack line of transmission components with several new Fuller transmission parts for aftermarket rebuilders.

Aluminum Body Designed for Strength and Durability
The Aluminum Landscape body from Crysteel is designed for strength and durability while maintaining lighter weight with an aluminum construction.

Minimizer Work Benches Are Convenient for Repair
Minimizer’s Single and Tandem Work Benches are designed to sit on a truck’s tires to hold tools during a repair job.

Durable Hood Latch Kit is Corrosion Resistant
Gates’ Hood Latch Kit is designed for long service life in medium- and heavy-duty applications.

Compact GXL Work Light Designed for Brightness
Golight’s GXL 4021 LED work light is designed to be compact and bright by combining four clusters of LED’s into a small package.

Trailer Jack Made for Fast Adjustments
The Ultra-Tow XTP is a trailer jack designed for quicker trailer height adjustments with minimal cranking required..

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